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LIFE LESSONS "swimming"

PrivatePrivate one-on-one swim class

Private one-on-one swim class with one of our instructors.

Swim LeagueSwim League

Covers swim levels 4-6. Once your child has passed Level 3 or has had an evaluation to ensure they meet the swim skills swimmers will continue to perfect ALL four swim strokes, they will also work dives and turns. We focus on three 45 min-hour practices a week with one to two coaches on deck; there is no longer a swim instructor in the water during the practice. The goal is to provide the skills and love of swimming to get each child swim team ready. There is also the opportunity to attend monthly mini-meets around the Tampa Bay Area.

Waterbabies(4-36 months)

This is our version of parent and tot. In waterbabies we create an amazing bonding experience for you and your child; it is a fun and non-stressful environment. Your child will learn water safety; to float on their back and get out of the pool. As your child develops they will learn the skills to get them ready for our Level 1; kicking, doggy paddle and blowing bubbles. Your child will learn to be comfortable and safe in the water. Waterbabies may be passed to Level 1 before their third birthday

Level 1tadpole

At this level the child is now swimming without the parent in the water. Your child will get comfortable with putting their face in the water by retrieving toys from the bottom of the pool. Their swimming skills will advance to doing arm circles on the stomach and back with guidance for the instructor and they will continue to learn about safety; spotting the lifeguard, entering and exiting the pool safely.

Level 2guppy

At this level the child is now able to float on their back completely on their own; they can retrieve toys from the bottom at a depth over their head. We will introduce kick boards for flutter kick on their stomach and back. The Freestyle and Backstroke are now beginning to look like actual swimming.

Level 3seahorse

This is the final level of "survival swim". Here we focus on Freestyle side breathing and introduce Breaststroke. By the time the child is ready to move to Level 4 he/she can swim 25 yards of Freestyle and Backstroke.

Level 4otter

In this level we start to focus on stamina. There is A LOT more swimming! The instructor will conduct the class/lesson from in and out of the water. The child will continue to perfect their Freestyle and Backstroke, as well as Breaststroke. The fourth and final stroke will be introduced; the Butterfly. The child will also begin diving from the edge of the pool deck into deep water.

Level 5seal

If there was more swimming in Level 4, we add LOTS MORE here! The child will be able to do 50 yards Freestyle and Backstroke, with 25 yards of Breaststroke. In this level we introduce fins to the child�s training to build strength in their legs. The open turn will also be introduced with a two-hand touch in Breaststroke and Butterfly.

Level 6dolphin

This is the final level of learn to swim. The instructor will conduct the class/lesson for mostly out of the water. This level will gear the child for swim team training. At the completion the child can do all four strokes properly. The final skills and requirements will be focused on; diving in from the blocks and the Freestyle and Backstroke flip turns.


It is never too late to learn to swim. Learn in a private setting with one of our certified swim instructors. BBSA will provide you with and go at a pace that is right for you. Whether it is your first time ever taking a swim lesson or you’ve attempted learn to swim classes before we will get you comfortable in the water and teach you lifesaving skills. *To book an Adult-L2S select any of the PRIVATE slots in Join the Fun.

Stroke TechniqueCompetitive and Recreational Athletes

Competitive Swimmers, Triathletes or Recreational Swimmers will work with one of our highly skilled coaches to improve your strokes, turns, dives and “underwaters”. You will learn about body position in all four strokes with proper core and lower back strength. To insure mastery in each stroke, we will breakdown it down and rebuild with drills. Swimmers will recognize that the key to speed is in the efficiency of each pull. 30 or 60 minute sessions available. *To book a lesson for Stroke Technique please email: info@bbswimacademy.com

Bonding. while having fun!

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